Dick Hyman - Scott Joplin - The Complete Works For Piano / Kompletní dílo pro klavír (Remaster 2023) /3CD

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Dick Hyman - Scott Joplin - The Complete Works For Piano / Kompletní dílo pro klavír (Remaster 2023) /3CD

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Interpret Dick Hyman
Titul Scott Joplin - The Complete Works For Piano / Kompletní dílo pro klavír
Nosič 3CD
Typ nosiče CD
Dostupnost Do 14 dnů
Dodání do dnů 14
Tracklist Disc: 1 - CD
1. Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
2. Joplin: Original Rags
3. Joplin-Marshall: Swipesy
4. Joplin: Peacherine Rag
5. Joplin: the Easy Winners
6. Joplin-Hayden: Sunflower Slow Drag
7. Joplin: the Entertainer
8. Joplin: Elite Syncopations
9. Joplin: the Strenuous Life
10. Joplin: a Breeze From Alabama
11. Joplin: Palm Leaf Rag
12. Joplin-Hayden: Something Doing
13. Joplin: Weeping Willow
14. Joplin: the Chrysanthemum
15. Joplin: the Cascades
16. Joplin: the Sycamore
17. Joplin: the Favorite
18. Joplin: Leola
19. Hyman: Peacherine Rag
20. Hyman: the Entertainer
21. Hyman: Elite Syncopations
22. Hyman: a Breeze From Alabama
23. Hyman: Something Doing
24. Hyman: the Chrysanthemum

Disc: 2 - CD
1. Joplin: the Ragtime Dance
2. Joplin: Eugenia
3. Joplin-Marshall: Lily Queen
4. Joplin: Gladiolus Rag
5. Joplin: Nonpareil
6. Joplin-Chauvin: Heliotrope Bouquet
7. Joplin: Search-Light Rag
8. Joplin: Rose Leaf Rag
9. Joplin: Fig Leaf Rag
10. Joplin: Pine Apple Rag
11. Joplin: Solace
12. Joplin: Sugar Cane
13. Joplin: Stoptime Rag
14. Joplin: Euphonic Sounds
15. Joplin: Country Club
16. Joplin: Wall Street Rag
17. Joplin-Hayden: Felicity Rag
18. Joplin: Paragon Rag
19. Hyman: Gladiolus Rag
20. Hyman: Heliotrope Bouquet
21. Hyman: Fig Leaf Rag
22. Hyman: Stoptime Rag

Disc: 3 - CD
1. Joplin: Scott Joplin's New Rag
2. Joplin: Silver Swan Rag
3. Joplin-Hayden: Kismet Rag
4. Joplin: Magnetic Rag
5. Joplin: Reflection Rag
6. Joplin: Antoinette
7. Joplin: Cleopha
8. Joplin: March Majestic
9. Joplin: Combination March
10. Joplin: Rosebud
11. Joplin: Great Crush Collision
12. Joplin (Arr. Hyman): Great Crush Collision (Ragtime Version)
13. Joplin: School of Ragtime
14. Joplin: Bethena
15. Joplin: Binks' Waltz
16. Joplin: Pleasant Moments
17. Joplin: Augustan Club Waltz
18. Joplin: Harmony Club Waltz
19. Hyman: Scott Joplin's New Rag
20. Hyman: Pleasant Moments
Popis Formát: 3x CD, Compilation, Remaster
Žánr: Klasika, Jazz

Skladatel: Scott Joplin

• Remastered

• Between January and April 1975, the classically trained, multi-award-winning jazz pianist and composer Dick Hyman – whose astounding résumé includes playing with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker and Benny Goodman, writing and arranging for Count Basie, and scoring most of the films of Woody Allen – went into RCA’s Studio A in New York City and set down the definitive recording of ragtime legend Scott Joplin’s piano works. In 1988, an hour-long selection from the five LPs was released on CD. Now at last, Sony Classical is issuing Hyman’s entire Joplin album on three well-filled silver discs. This really is Joplin’s complete piano output. It even includes the six short exercises that form his 1908 School of Ragtime, with their printed prefatory remarks read by the 92-year-old Eubie Blake, a friend of Joplin and a distinguished ragtime player in his own right. Also here are Joplin’s less familiar marches and waltzes. And there’s a bonus: the set contains Hyman’s own twelve delightful improvisations on themes by Joplin, which he designed to demonstrate the composer's influence on the development of jazz harmony and melody. When the LPs were first released, Gramophone’s jazz critic wrote that “the eminently musical quality of Hyman’s playing is in evidence throughout the collection; he has the ability to characterise perfectly each piece and somehow to pinpoint every little harmonic subtlety and melodic felicity without in any way detracting from the conception as a whole.... He pays as much attention to matters of tempo, texture, phrasing and dynamics as though he were doing the twenty-four Chopin Preludes. Two for instance I particularly enjoyed were Cascades with its rippling lightness of touch and Scott Joplin’s New Rag in which Hyman’s cleanness of articulation and rhythmic exuberance are a joy. … Joplin well deserves this very handsome and well-recorded tribute.”
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